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Our goal is to help you build your Internet of things for your business. We want to help you develop a network that can help leverage todays technology and keep a heads up to the future. Our goal is to help you from start to finish; where we can not help you we want to connect you with a professional that can help.

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Structured cabling is the wires that connect the technology in your home or business. Core Tech Structured Cabling is your partner to understand the multiple systems and provide integration to help your business reach its goals. If you are looking to add more computers, phones, security or any other technology to your company, Core-Tech Structured Cabling can help, with extensive knowledge of business systems, we can help you figure out what if required and complete your install.


Its important to have a partner that can help you connect the dots in your business. Core-Tech Structured Cabling can provide assist to make sure that you start the project with a solid game plan and align other trades who may be helping your project.


If you have ever wondered if the problem is the cable that my computer is connected to  is the problem. Core-Tech Structured Cabling can help improve your network by making sure your cabling systems are tested using Fluke Network Certifiers. We are able to certify copper and fibre optics. Know with confidence.


Wifi Internet Services


Fiber Optics